Lost Ark Seminar

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Set in the convulsive times of World War II, Vera Hoffer relives the story of her diminutive but courageous mother's escape from the war front, together with her two little girls, and how this experience led her to a new life in Christ. If it had not been for the war . . .

Join the Hoffers on their journey to Germany, and hear our guide Don Schneider as he insightfully and colorfully recounts the lives and influence of two well-known Germans, Hitler and Luther.

DVD #1: From Rome to the Waldensian Valleys, with our guide, Dr. Gerard Damsteegt.

DVD #2:  We continue through Switzerland, Germany, and France, following the trails of Calvin, Luther, Zwingli, Hus, and others.

Data CD: Over 150 edited narrations of Dr. Damsteegt and others, plus a downloadable index in Excel format.

Only $19.95 plus shipping/handling

Only $9.95 plus shipping/handling