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Lost Ark Seminar

The ISBN number for Secrets and Mysteries of the Lost Ark is 978-1479604050.

The ISBN number for ​Secretos y Misterios del Arca Perdida​ is 978-1479606009.

They can be ordered from the following sources:

Directly from the author: Paperback only. US$14.95 each plus 3.75 S&H; $10.05 each (+/- 40% discount from the regular SRP of 15.95) for 10 or more copies to a single address, plus S&H. We can send a PayPal invoice to your email address, or you can mail us a check. Contact us at - Paperback, Kindle, and ePub versions. This is the publisher's website. Online or by phone at 800-367-1844 ext. 102. - Amazon, paperback and Kindle editions. - Barnes & Noble, paperback and NOOK Book editions.

Or any local bookstore can order it for you.