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2015 speaking and travel itinerary:

*Carolina Conference pastors' retreat - January 12

*Georgia-Cumberland camp meeting, Collegedale, TN - May 27-30

*Michigan camp meeting, Cedar Lake, MI - June 11-21

*General Conference session, San Antonio, TX - June 30-July 13

*Kentucky-Tennessee pastors' retreat, Indian Creek Camp, TN - July 28

*Hagerstown church vespers, MD - August 1

*Huntsville Central sermon and church vespers, AL - August 15

​*Georgia-Cumberland Hispanic camp meeting, GA - October 30-November 1

2016 and beyond:

*Georgia-Cumberland pastors' retreat, GA - January 10-13

​*ASI Southern Union Convention, GA - April 7-10

​*Kentucky-Tennessee camp meeting, TN - May 30-June 3

​*ASI National Convention, Phoenix, AZ - August 3-6

​*Standifer Gap church, Chattanooga, TN - September 24 and 28

​*Bowman Hills church, Cleveland, TN - October 22-29

*Indiana camp meeting, IN - June 11-17, 2017

*Southern New England camp meeting, MA - June 18-24, 2017

​Mountain View camp meeting, WV - June 15-23, 2018​​


We are now accepting appointments to speak in/at your church or conference as time permits. Please go to our Contact Us page to send us a message. In addition to presenting our new book, we are able to provide some really nice vesper programs.

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Secrets and Mysteries of the Lost Ark: A Bible Adventure

Lost Ark Seminar

Chapter Titles:

    1. The Search for the Lost Ark

    2. Jesus in the Sanctuary

    3. Jesus Predicts the Destruction of the Temple

    4. The Covenant of the Ark

    5. The Ark's Environment

    6. Christ's Coming to the Temple Predicted

    7. The Cleansing of the Temple

    8. The Contents of the Ark

    9. Parables of the Kingdom

    10. Holiness to the Lord

    11. Heavenly Mediation

    12. The Ark of Safety

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